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       蘇州林凱潔凈科技有限公司成立于2017年,總部坐落于江蘇省蘇州市相城區太平工業園金裕路5號;分公司江蘇林凱潔凈科技有限公司成立于2022年,位于江蘇省泰興市宣堡鎮集賢路8號,廠房面積8000平方米,公司員工人數約115人。自成立之初,便致力于為尖端科技領域客戶提供可信賴的防靜電控制、潔凈室污染控制整體解決方案。公司產品均全面通過國際權威SGS鹵素及ROSH檢測, 并參與國內同行業技術標準的制定。為了滿足尖端客戶的質量要求,公司自建有Class100和Class1000無塵室生產車間,并引進先進的生產設備、全套靜電及污染檢測儀器。公司自主研發、生產、銷售的產品包括:防靜電服/防靜電鞋、無塵布/無塵紙、無塵防靜電手套、防護口罩及其他潔凈室產品等系列。



       Suzhou Linclean Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with its headquarters located at No. 5, Jinyu Road, Taiping Industrial Park, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province; Jiangsu  Linclean Technology Co., Ltd., a branch company, was established in 2022, located at No. 8, Jixian Road, Xuanbao Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, with a plant area of 8000 square meters and about 115 employees. Since its inception, it has been committed to providing reliable anti-static control and cleanroom pollution control solutions for customers in cutting-edge science and technology fields. The company's products have all passed the SGS halogen and ROSH tests of international authorities, and participated in the formulation of technical standards in the same industry in China. In order to meet the quality requirements of cutting-edge customers, the company has built Class100 and Class1000 clean room production workshops, and introduced advanced production equipment, a full set of static electricity and pollution detection instruments. The products independently developed, produced and sold by the company include: anti-static clothing/anti-static shoes, dust-free cloth/dust-free paper, dust-free anti-static gloves, protective masks and other cleanroom products.

           The company's products are widely used in: electronics, optoelectronics, chips, touch screens, PCB, LED, semiconductor, photovoltaic, automotive, pharmaceutical, military and other high-tech fields; The Company regards responsibility as the driving force, people-oriented, honest operation, pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, and is committed to developing forward-looking technologies to meet the needs of customers for sustainable development; To become a reliable partner of customers, seek mutual benefit and win-win results, and seek common development with customers.


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